10 MMA Podcasts Worth Checking Out (2016 Edition)

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As the sport of Mixed Martial Arts continues to grow, so does the number of podcasts covering it.

While that’s undoubtedly a good thing, the fact that pretty much anybody can start one up means that the quality can vary dramatically between them.

To help you sort out the wheat from the chaff I’ve listened to as many MMA podcasts as I could lay my hands on, and whittled them down to 10 that I think are worth a listen.

Update: It’s been a few years since I first wrote this article and there’s been a few changes over that period as some of the original entries are now defunct, while other frankly better podcasts have emerged in their place. Read on to discover the all-new top 10!

(Last Updated: January 2016)


Where Can I Find It: Co-Main Event Podcast

When Is it Broadcast: Monday’s

How Long is it: 1hr+

Description: USA Today’s Ben Fowlkes and ESPN’s Chad Dundas chew over the big topics in MMA with a side-helping of humor.

In 2016 there’s more competition than ever in the MMA podcast space, but for my money The Co-Main Event Podcast is the best around at this moment in time. Fowlkes and Dundas are highly regarded journalists in the sport with years of experience to draw upon and have a natural chemistry together along with a great sense of humor which makes this one an easy, enjoyable listen.

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Ross launched the fightofthenight.com site in 2009 as a way to channel his passion for the sport of mixed martial arts. He's since penned countless news stories and live fight reports along with dozens of feature articles as the lead writer for the site, reaching millions of fans in the process.
  • http://ringsidereport.net Frank Barnes

    Ringside Report’s podcasts are worth checking out. They appear twice a week and the sound quality is good. Check them out at http://www.ringsidereport.net

  • Justin

    check out Hammerfisting with Luis and Dave. hilarious.


  • Toby

    the daily mirror’s blog/podcast is a good one too


  • http://www.examiner.com/x-59651-Toledo-MMA-Examiner~y2010m7d20-Interview-with-Bellators-Angela-Magana Brian

    I would highly suggest Pure Adrenaline radio which airs weekly at 8:30 pm on Tuesday nights.


  • Brad

    Joe Show Radio has weekly shows every Tuesday and Thursday at 7PM/ET as well as Friday and Sunday morning shows on fight weekends as well.


  • bill

    mmamassacre is the best podcast ever.

  • Daily MMA Podcasts

    DailyMMAPodcasts.com is a daily one-stop network for MMA & UFC iTunes Podcasts

    Daily MMA Podcasts

  • joel
  • Henry

    You forgot to include the Godfather of MMA media and the conscience of combat sports, Mr. Eddie Goldman:


    It’s sad that the younger fans don’t even know his name, some who watched “The Smashing Machine” might remember him from this docu.
    If you’re a total UFC fanboy then Eddie’s show isn’t for you because he doesn’t cover them anymore but if you’re interested in the newest developments of MMA globally and also combat sports generally then his show is by far the best one out there. Lots of Asian MMA, coverage of independent shows, wrestling, kickboxing and boxing news, very interesting and unique guests plus he also covers the sociocultural and political aspects of the sport.

    If you get a chance to ask anyone of the oldtimers like Bas Rutten, Big John McCarthy or Renzo Gracie what they think of Eddie you’ll always get the same answer: He’s the best, true pioneer of MMA radio!

  • http://www.fightofthenight.com rossc

    Yes, I’ve listened to Eddie before, but his show didn’t make the list. Personally I’m not a fan of his style, but I would urge others to give him a listen and make up their own mind as he is a true veteran of MMA radio.

  • Michael Brandon

    Mauro is no longer doing his podcast but his protegee JOHN POLLOCK is now doing The MMA Report on TSN (canada’s version of ESPN), and it’s available at TSN.ca/MMA

    It’s great!

  • Hank

    1. THE CO-MAIN EVENT PODCAST (already listed in the article)
    2. Pro MMA Radio with Larry Pepe)
    3. ESPN UFC Podcast (with some British funny dudes)

    And that’s really it, the rest of them out there is pretty much all garbage unfortunately..

  • http://MMAmania.com Sam Richards

    I really like The Verbal Submission on Sunday nights. The guy who hosts it (Brian Hemminger from your BE Radio pick) does extremely thorough research for his interviews and he has some unique guests like all the recent top Russian fighters who’ve invaded Bellator recently.

  • Ross C

    That sounds interesting, thanks for the heads-up Sam.

  • http://www.splitdecisionmma.com Dennis

    check it out….

  • http://www.splitdecisionmma.com Joey
  • http://mmablog.iconicitv.com/ Syndee
  • http://ProMMARadio Joe

    This show is hosted by Larry Pepe. He occasionally has guests, but usually he conducts a one man show. In terms of straight up analysis of the goings on of fights and of MMA organizations, especially UFC, his show is by far the best I have heard. Many of the other podcast hosts seem to treat the UFC with kid gloves, perhaps to not have access denied by Dana White. Larry Pepe offers a “pull no punches” opinion of fights, the personalities, and the organizations that I haven’t heard elsewhere.

  • Dave Scully

    How the hell is The Fighter and The Kid not on this list?

  • Ross Cole

    I listen to The Fighter and The Kid podcast every week, but a lot of the stuff they talk about isn’t MMA related, so I haven’t added it to the list as yet. The next time I do an update to the list I’ll consider it again though, along with Joe Rogan’s Fight companion podcast which Schaub and Callen appear on.

  • TreborCralk

    The Aussies from Submission Radio! Very good guests on a weekly basis, plus they’re interviews are really in depth and they ask the questions you want to know. http://submissionradio.com/episodes/

  • Jayson

    I like MMA Mayhem radio and a new this show that popped up on the scene The SnP Show MMA radio, they have quite a few good guest on their show i heard them on 102.1 here in vegas on the radio, their website is. thesnpshow.com

  • Kees

    Promotional Malpractice Live Chat with Luke Thomas

  • CowboiBishop

    Because its not a very good MMA podcast

  • Steven Cooper

    Yeah and its weirdly gay. Bryan Callen compliments men’s bodies and fakes like he’s gay too damn much. It’s just weird. …Aside from the gay shit, it still sucks. ***Good list***

  • Steven Cooper

    Promotional Malpractice Live Chat with Luke Thomas is my favorite. Kind of feels like I’m in the room with him. I like ole Luke. He’s very real and he calls it like he sees it.

  • AttackTheBack
  • One Speed MMA

    Check out the One Speed MMA podcast, up and coming with ways to actually get involved.


  • Anthony Walker

    I’d recommend Fight Knights https://soundcloud.com/fightknightsmma